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ATTRI-AS/MFC is suitable to the evaluation of the attrition resistance of powders accordingly to the standard norm ASTM D5757 (Air-Jet): -stainless steel frame painted to withstand to acidic attack; -attrition cabinet fully built in compliance to ASTM norm; -stainless steel attrition tube; -glass settling chamber; -block system on the air stream line; Mass flow controller with digital reading of the air flow (20 l/min full-scale); -pressure gauge for determining the upstream pressure value; -air humidifier; -cabinet for powder collection; -timer for indicating the end of the test through a sound beep; -automatically regulated air flow during Catalyst loading; -run start-up with self-regulation of back pressure and air flow rate (manual fine tuning); -easy removal, cleaning and reinstall
- 110 volts / 60 hz. Typical powders to be measured are in the range of 10-180 micrometers.
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ma. tec. snc materials technologies
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