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CaptairStore 1634 External Length: 63", Width: 23 3/4", Height: 87"Min, 90 Max *Storage Capacity 240 bottles (1 liter) containing compatible and/or incompatible chemicals. *One fan *One Fan Failure Light *One Sampling Port for Filter Saturation Detection *Anti-corrosion steel coated metallic parts coated with 100% polyester *Door Constructed of thick acrylic *Magnetic and Key Locking Device *One Watertight Partition to Separate Acids and Bases from Solvents *Equipped with 16 adjustable shelves and 4 fixed. Spill tray included. *Volume of Air Treated: >44 cfm *Permanent ventilation control device according to EN 14175-2:2003 standard
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erlab, inc.
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