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CRUSH-BK for determining the crushing strength of a solid material either in granular form or pelletized and/or "in bulk". Compliant w/ ASTM D4179, D6175 and D7084; measures the crush strength of solid materials which have a regular, or almost regular, geometrical shape (like spheres, cylinders, rings and similar). They can in range in size from 1 to 20mm. Features: maximum load: 500 Kg.; maximum applicable pressure: 3,8 MPa; advancing speed of the piston: 10 mm./min.; manual stroke of the piston: 30 mm.; diameter of the sample holder: 50 mm.; sample amount required: 10/20 g.; loading cell: class A; digital display of the crushing load with Pick/Hold; pressure plate stainless-steel made having a large thickness; Front Panel with:
- thermal-magnetic safety switch;
- switches for the ascend and the descend;
- digital instrument of class A for displaying the crushing strength in various units such as Kg., g., or N; Technical Specifications: Dimensions (w 280 x h 400 x d 300 mm); Weight: 35 Kg; Colour: white and black; ELECTRICAL 220V 50 Hz
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ma. tec. snc materials technologies
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