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Polycarbonate drying column dries air and gas to a dew point of 100F at up to 90 psi. Connect the column in-line between a dryer or desiccator and a compressed air line or gas cylinder; handles a flow of 200 liters per hour or 0.1 cfm. Measures 11-3/8"H x 2-5/8" dia. Column is made up of a plastic cap, 303 stainless steel desiccant supports and coil springs, felt filters, and O-ring gasket. Inlet and outlet ports accept 1/4" to 3/8" ID tubing. Absorbs up to 50 g of moisture. Drying column comes filled with 1-1/4 lb of 8 mesh indicating desiccant (anhydrous calcium sulfate). Order additional desiccant separately at left.
Product Type : Desiccants
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wa hammond drierite company
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